Tuesday, June 17, 2014


In the morning for breakfast, I usually choose between waffles, bagels or biscuits, also for some time I have learned to appreciate coffee "double double" of Tim Hortons, actually right now it is almost an addiction ... I'm used to store and take out clothes of the closet depending on the season ... And every day I respond to the greeting of good morning, to my neighbors, bus driver, and anyone who may cross my path.... I understood that what some people call " Consumerism " others call "Necessity " but for me it's just a matter of "Practicality " because  the quality of life is full of small things , which allow you to enjoy the bigger ones.

Two years have passed since my routine completely changed.... Today I look more closely everything around me, I take my time to understand where I am and who I am. It has certainly been a long journey, with ups and downs, and yet some things remain intact: the simple hope to continue this adventure; faith to learn to overcome obstacles; love for some people left and others encountered during the journey ; and thank to God for his guidance, to my husband and daughter for their support and perseverance; and to this magical country full of new sunrises ... Thanks CANADA, so ... thanks ! !