Friday, April 17, 2015


It was the summer of 89, when my friends and I went to a summer camp in a marvelous place. It was in a mountain with a nice weather, beautiful landscapes, wonderful colors, and a lot of magical adventures at least for a group of 13 old years kids.

We spent an entire week but it felt longer, and even when it was long time ago I can smell yet the scent of callas and fresh grass, hear the sounds of crickets at midnight, I can close my eyes and see the most wonderful starry sky I ever saw before, and I could feel the warm from the bonfire being witness of our singing and storytelling. 
The girls beat the boys in a night game, it was fabulous especially when the boys didn´t want to play anymore… well what can I say… Girls always rule!!!.
I celebrated my 14th birthday and I received my first kiss from my first boyfriend, an adorable boy who against all odds he became in my gay best friend, the godfather of my daughter and according to my husband the only person in the entire world who can make me take a ride in the most terrifying roller coaster.
Also, it was the year when I started sleeping over at my crazy green eyes friend´s house. A friendship so strong that after 6 years of being lost, it returned just like it was before.
 When we were camping she always had to cook, crying and complaining because the smoke from the grill, however she assumed her duty with dignity, of course she had the power over the food thus it was her choice if  we starved or not.
The other member of the gang was this skinny girl, who I met a year before the trip, she used to wear gigantic glasses that made her look smaller, during our adventure she was always making jokes and laughing a lot.  A proof of that were her wet pants, which by the way it was our secret, well, at least for the first five minutes after that. Today, my dear friend is a gorgeous woman who can maintain her glamour and style, despite the torturous boots she likes to wear.
We didn´t made an oath or spit our hands, neither we cut our fingers to become in blood siblings nor any kind of common ritual among little friends. But somehow, something happened in that trip. Whatever it was, it defined us and has kept us together even in the distance, sharing our most significant moments and filling our minds and souls with the most remarkable memories.
 I read once that you never are going to have friends like those you found in your childhood.  I don´t know if it is true, but in my case, this next august is going to be our birthday, twenty six years since this unique friendship was born, and we keep collecting them ...