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"This girl is mine"

By: Anna Katmore
Genre: Y/A Contemporary Romance
Year: 2013

Ryan Hunter kissed more girls than he cares to remember. But the only one he ever wanted is in love with his best friend.”

      I met Ryan Hunter in “Play with me”, the first book of the Grover Beach series, and I just fell in love with him, the bad dangerous boy with sweet eyes and huge heart melted me.  That´s why, I was enthusiastic to read Ryan Hunter point of view, but honestly after the simplicity with which the first book was written I wasn´t expect much from this one.
     Thanks God I was totally wrong; Anna Katmore when beyond my expectation. This story hooked me immediately since the first page; so much that I read it in one night.
      The author did an excellent job portraying a teenage boy, it was hilarious being in Ryan heads, it was like eavesdropping guys conversations when girls aren´t around. Boys have feelings, insecurities, dreams like any girl, and I loved the way Anna Katmore showed us that.
     The written is marvelous, with good descriptions of scenarios, gestures and emotions. Although in some moment I would love if the writer showed us more. I mean, the dialogues were great in fact I haven´t laugh that much with a book in months, however dialogues were missing in some specific point of the story where they were necessary.
     The characters were well developed, the main, seconds and even those that appeared just a couple time. As matter of fact the author introduced each character subtle but flawlessly, so that the reader will remember the reason why they are in the story.
     Also it was wonderful how Ryan´s relationships were illustrated: for example, who might think that the bad guy could be close and honest with his family. I think Ryan strong personality is due to the bonds with his parents.
     In addition, there is his relationship with his friends. I loved his loyalty, the mutual support and the reciprocity of his affection. Ryan´s friend respect and love him for who he is, not for what he has.
     But the best relationship expressed was his devotion to a girl. That broke my heart more than once, shrinking and expanding it multiple times.
     Definitely in this book, is noticed how the writer was careful with the main elements of a young adult story and was showed them cleverly throughout the narrative.
     Nevertheless and even when the end was almost perfect, I would like a last thought of Ryan on the final scene, something I particularly was waiting throughout the entire story and it was not there, that, I could not understand.
     However, this book is one hundred percent recommended. I´m sure, you will spend a pleasant time reading it, like did.
      Rate: 4,5 Stars.

“Before I laid her down, I hugged her a little tighter with the intention of whatever happened, always remembering this wonderful moment where I held the girl I had loved for years for the very first time.”

 “Yeah, sometimes you just had to accept the crap life threw at you and put cheating grin on your face”

 “If there really could be butterflies in one´s stomach, there was definitively one playing havoc in mine now”

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Thursday, October 8, 2015


By: Colleen Hoover
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Year: 2014 

The first thing a I liked what this part of the synopsis: “A passionate tale of friendship, betrayal, and romance, Maybe Someday will immerse readers in Sydney’s tumultuous world from the very first page”. 
Which meant my perfect kind of before bed reading. In fact it was exactly like that, a breathtaking love story; what I didn´t expect was the amount of twists, one after other, a plot  brilliantly developed,  relationships carefully built, effective dialogues to make us die of laughs or for sorrow according with each scene. In addition there is a marvellous  technique mingling  music with written words, an excellent way to stop the readers’ heart. 
The story is told since the two main characters POV, lately one of my favourite written styles, allow us to perceive the created world from different eyes. 
This is my first book by the author, I decided to read her work thanks to the reviews of a couple of bloggers who their opinions I respect, and I chose Maybe Someday  randomly but now I must  say it was faith because for sure this is not going to be the last one. 
Colleen Hoover got me from the beginning until the last page, I am impressed by the sweetness, passion, all the deep emotions she poured into the book.
Although this book deserve 5 stars, I gave it 4,8 stars  and it’s just because as a hopeless romantic that I am,  there was a choice, a scene that felt real but I’d like something a little more novelettish and that is all I can say without drop some spoilers.
Best Phrases:
“It wasn’t basic need. Like need for water when I’m thirsty or a need for food when I’m hungry. It was an insatiable need for relief. Relief from want and desire that had been pent up for so long. I never realize how powerful desire can be.”
“I’m convinced that people come across others in life hose souls are complete; y compatible with their own. Some refer to them as a soul mates. Some refer to it as true love.”
“Breathe in Breathe out.
Expand, contract.
Beat beat, pause. Beat beat pause”
“Maybe I’m not the hero to her I’ve always tried so hard to be because right now, I feel as if she doesn’t even need a hero. Why would she? She has someone so much stronger than I’ll ever be for her. She has herself.”

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Author: Kasie West
Genre: Young Adult. Contemporary Romance.
Year: 2013

“Seventeen-year-old Caymen Meyers studies the rich like her own personal science experiment, and after years of observation she’s pretty sure they’re only good for one thing—spending money on useless stuff, like the porcelain dolls in her mother’s shop.
So when Xander Spence walks into the store to pick up a doll for his grandmother, it only takes one glance for Caymen to figure out he’s oozing rich. Despite his charming ways and that he’s one of the first people who actually gets her, she’s smart enough to know his interest won’t last. Because if there’s one thing she’s learned from her mother’s warnings, it’s that the rich have a short attention span. She finds out that money is a much bigger part of their relationship than she’d ever realized. And that Xander’s not the only one she should’ve been worried about.
            This is my second book I´ve read by Kasie West, and I´m starting liking her fresh, sweet style. However, in this book I could find some writing issues, as a lot of she says, he says thing, guessing paragraphs out of context, abruptly changing of scenarios, communication problems which is understandable among teenagers, nevertheless it was hard to bite the magical solution for all of them.
            Yes, it was a couple aspects that could be better, but there were others really great that made me enjoyed it, laughed and sighted. For start, the author has a gift to create well done characters, everyone on the story is unique, I could feel how they jumped out of the pages until turning into something real; especially Caymen she was such great, powerful character that was easy to connect with her, I just loved her! All the -not so good- things I said about the book were forgotten because of her.
Plus there are hilarious dialogues full of sarcasm and entertainment. There isn´t a line of boredom in this book. Also there is friendship, family love and a delightful romance built page after pages until my favorite part - the happy ending-.
            Therefore 4 stars for “The distance between us”.     
            It is recommended for everyone who is looking to spend an afternoon with a fresh and light romance reading. Also for readers who like Jenny Han, Katie Macgarry, Huntley Fitzpatrick and Stephanie Perkins.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015


I read this books the same day it came out, then I wrote a review on Goodreads but I kept this one in a drawer for months, until now that I decided to publish it.
Anyway ... Here there are my five stars for Empire of Night.

BY: Kelly Armstrong
Genre: Y/A High Fantasy
Year: 2015

Moria and Ashyn are back. After a year of waiting, Kelley Amstrong brought us Empire of Night the second book of the series Age of Legend.
Moria and Ashyn are twins, blessed by the Gods, they are the keeper and the seeker of the Edgewood a village that doesn´t exist anymore. After the events of Sea of Shadows, in this second book, the sisters are immersed in a new adventure, separated by force and involved in unusual relationships; both have to make their way until to find themselves again and moreover the true.
Empire of night is an excellent written book, with brilliant dialogue, unique plot with captivating characters.
            I really enjoyed the first book, but I loved this one, since the first page I was completely hooked, the author knew how to blend perfectly the subtle romance with danger, magic and treachery. It's a full story. I felt like I was in a rollercoaster of emotions, jumping from anxiety, frustration, tenderness and excitement.
            It is going to be a long, torturous waiting until we can read the conclusion of this trilogy, special after the most shocking, hanger cliff ending I ever read in a very long time.  

Best Phrases:

“She remembered the boy who´d fought by her side the boy who´d confided in her, the boy who´d lain by the fire with her and no matter what he seemed to have done since, she could not truly believe it.” 

Saturday, July 11, 2015


I am a dreamer, a believer in second chances and new beginnings. That is the best way I have to describe how this book impressed me; maybe my opinion is biased by my admiration for the author Katie Mcgarry, but honestly “Chasing Impossible” is a complex, deep, wholehearted story since the first line until the end.
As is characteristic of the writer, this book is narrated from the two main characters point of view, also is a stand-alone book and part as well of the “Pushing the limits” series, in this opportunity we have Abby and Logan story.
Abby is a drug dealer all her friends know that, nobody knows the reason though. Despite of her fearless mask and her -don’t mess with me- attitude, inside she is a vulnerable person with dreams and hope as every 17 years old girl. One day her world collapse and because of that, she decides to tell her secret to the one person she trust the most, Logan, an adrenaline junkie, who is hidden behind his craziness refusing to accept his personal issues. Logan have being lying to everybody since he was seven but determined to save Abby he confess his true, risking to loss his best friends.
It is then, when both realities Abby and Logan collide creating an explosion reaching all people near to them.
Katie Mcgarry it did again. The story has an outstanding written with minors contradiction that easily with could pretend there are no there. Hilarious, deep, trustworthy dialogues, just the right ones for every occasion: and love, a lot of love was pouring from each page, love for family, for friends, for the soul mate. In addition there was an intense description of the scenes, so effective that I could felt inside the book next to the characters.
I have to admit this is not my favorite story written by the author (well I´m deeply in love with “Dare you to” and Ryan), however with “Chasing Impossible”, Katie Macgarry went beyond any expatiation. Through an intricate plot the writer efficiently handled real themes most of them avoiding by society: drugs, family issues, healthy problems among teenagers, breaking laws and so on,
One more thing that I loved, was the peek into the live of all characters from the rest of series, and that was a perfect closure. It was wonderful to have news from people you love and you haven’t seen in so long.
While I´m writing this review, I´m felling warm in my chest, satisfaction as a reader and thankful with the author for wrapping up each story of “Pushing the limits” in a book that made me feel part of the family.
FIVE plus FIVE stars for Chasing Impossible and if I could give it more I would.
Full recommended for everyone who loves unique, funny, romance stories and happy endings.
Best Phrases:
“I may not have a clue what I want to do with the rest of my life…but as I try to figure it out, I´ll know who I already am”
            “She´s holding me, I´m holding her, and when she opens her eyes and I see the love pouring from her, I know that this can´t be the last time I ever lie beside her…We´re once in a lifetime and I´m not going to let this go…not without a fight”
“Faith is believing in what you can´t always see”

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Saturday, May 30, 2015


By: Jenny Han
Genre: Young Adult, Romance. 
Year: 2015
“Lara Jean didn’t expect to really fall for Peter. She and Peter were just pretending. Except suddenly they weren’t. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever. When another boy from her past returns to her life, Lara Jean’s feelings for him return too. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once...
I love Jenny Han´s books. I believe she is remarkable writer. But I have a confession to make, the last book I read by her it didn´t turn as great as I was expecting, so I was kind of scared with this one. However all those fears were forgotten when I read the first page of the book.  
 P.S.I still love you, is the second part of the Lara Jean story, a sweet naïve girl with strong feelings, who fall in love in an unusual way and since then is living a romance experience with a dreaming boy for the first time.
In this book, Jenny Han, puts into practice its majestic ability to make the reader feel every emotion unfolded in the story. The writer invited us to walk with Lara Jean in her path to growth, as a sister, daughter and friend but most of all as the person she wanted to be.
The narrative style is fresh, and intensive, amused and heartbroken all at the same time. The description of each character and the every scene are completely effective. The dialogues are well done writing which help the story flow rightly.
Besides the sweetness of first love, the writer also discusses with subtlety the cyber bullying, a current problem among adolescents.
I was hooked from the beginning, however almost at the end I was starting to feel like some strings would be loose. But the writer knew how to tie them wisely, giving the best end ever. “A real end”.
            Definitely Jenny Han knows how to touch the heart of her readers with her words.
Finally, I just need to say that, the perfection of a book heavily relays on the opinion of each reader and its influence on them. Because of that, for me this book is absolutely perfect, the story, plots, characters, writing style, and so on. Therefore I awarded it with five stars.
If you like stories by Katie MacGarry, Stephanie Perkins, Kasie West... This book is for you. You are not going to regret.

“You can´t be closet o someone not truly, with secret in between you”.
“I suppose you can´t hold onto old things just for the sake old holding on.”
“You´d always be mourning what once was. It would always be a little bit…less.”

“People come in and out of your life. For time the are your world; they are everything. And one day, they´re not. There´s no telling how long you will have them near… It´s the good byes that are hard”.

“I can see now that it´s the little things, the small efforts that kepp a relationship going. And I know now too that in some small measure I have the power to hurt him and also the power to make it better. This discovery leaves me with an unsettling queer, sort of a feeling in my chest for reason I can´t e

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Este post lo escribí hace aproximadamente un año, pero mi impresión sobre Service Ontario sigue siendo la misma... nada menos que excelente 

Hace dos semanas llegó a mi correo una misiva del Servicio Ontario recordándome que en 2 meses expira mi tarjeta de salud. Mi primer pensamiento fue, OH! el gobierno está al tanto de todo, y el segundo, mi resignación de asistir a una oficina pública.
Ciertamente, debido a mi profesión, estoy habituada a batallar y sufrir en la tramitación de asuntos y documentos legales en las oficinas públicas venezolanas; por lo tanto decidí asumir la situación con la mejor entereza posible y prepararme para un viacrucis tal y como lo hacía cuando vivía en Venezuela. Es así, como el día anterior reuní los requisitos necesarios, escogí la ropa adecuada, nada sport o de veraneo,  pues es una oficina pública (lo que en mi mente significa: Debes inspirar respeto) y me arreglé el cabello pues me iban a tomar una fotografía para mi nuevo carnet.
El día del evento, llego a la localidad a las 10:44am, (lo sé, no era para nada temprano), y justo al abrir la puerta observo varias cosas a la vez; primero, tengo 19 personas por delante, entre mujeres embarazadas, personas de la 3era edad, mujer con niños, todos en una mismas línea, esto es así por tratarse de un organismo público y deben respetar el derecho de igualdad de todos los usuarios sin ningún tipo de distinción, de lo contrario sería discriminación e irrespeto al ciudadano. Segundo, nadie le presta atención al código de vestir, y menos en verano, incluso el personal vestía franelillas, shorts y sandalias. Por otro lado, cinco taquillas se encontraban abiertas, atendiendo toda clase de trámites propios de ese departamento, lo cual se traduce en que ningún usuario era referido para otra taquilla a pesar de tener diferentes requerimientos entre sí; así mismo, de repente la trabajadora de la ventanilla Nº3 se levantó a tomar su descanso correspondiente, inmediatamente un sustituto vino a suplir su lugar.
Finalmente es mi turno, la funcionaria sonrientemente me ofrece los buenos días, toma mis documentos y los verifica, imprime la planilla, solicita mi firma, me extiende el comprobante comunicándome que en una semana mi nueva tarjeta llegaría por correo,  tomo el comprobante totalmente incrédula…ya terminó? Eso es todo? Salgo de la oficina y miro mi reloj, son las 11:02 am.
Camino por la acera hacía la parada del autobús, maravillada y extasiada del funcionamiento de esa pequeña oficina pública en un rincón de Burlington, en la Provincia de Ontario, Canadá, e inocentemente pienso, realmente no es necesario tener un papelito con un número para indicar cuál es el orden en una fila o línea de espera, tampoco es necesario capas y capas de formalismos para asegurar la veracidad de un trámite, basta con la simpleza de una buena organización y con la mentalidad y el ánimo de realizar un eficiente trabajo, para que un sistema organizacional y gubernamental funcione en calidad y cantidad.
Indiscutiblemente y como solía comentarle a mis colegas y alumnos; “todo es posible”, una vida mejor es posible, trabajar en un ambiente mejor es posible, sólo es cuestión de actitud, de educación y mentalidad, de respeto a la investidura del funcionario público,  al prójimo y la norma jurídica.
 En pocas palabras la esencial para el buen y armónico funcionamiento de una sociedad es; vivir, pensar y actuar como buenos ciudadanos.


Friday, April 17, 2015


It was the summer of 89, when my friends and I went to a summer camp in a marvelous place. It was in a mountain with a nice weather, beautiful landscapes, wonderful colors, and a lot of magical adventures at least for a group of 13 old years kids.

We spent an entire week but it felt longer, and even when it was long time ago I can smell yet the scent of callas and fresh grass, hear the sounds of crickets at midnight, I can close my eyes and see the most wonderful starry sky I ever saw before, and I could feel the warm from the bonfire being witness of our singing and storytelling. 
The girls beat the boys in a night game, it was fabulous especially when the boys didn´t want to play anymore… well what can I say… Girls always rule!!!.
I celebrated my 14th birthday and I received my first kiss from my first boyfriend, an adorable boy who against all odds he became in my gay best friend, the godfather of my daughter and according to my husband the only person in the entire world who can make me take a ride in the most terrifying roller coaster.
Also, it was the year when I started sleeping over at my crazy green eyes friend´s house. A friendship so strong that after 6 years of being lost, it returned just like it was before.
 When we were camping she always had to cook, crying and complaining because the smoke from the grill, however she assumed her duty with dignity, of course she had the power over the food thus it was her choice if  we starved or not.
The other member of the gang was this skinny girl, who I met a year before the trip, she used to wear gigantic glasses that made her look smaller, during our adventure she was always making jokes and laughing a lot.  A proof of that were her wet pants, which by the way it was our secret, well, at least for the first five minutes after that. Today, my dear friend is a gorgeous woman who can maintain her glamour and style, despite the torturous boots she likes to wear.
We didn´t made an oath or spit our hands, neither we cut our fingers to become in blood siblings nor any kind of common ritual among little friends. But somehow, something happened in that trip. Whatever it was, it defined us and has kept us together even in the distance, sharing our most significant moments and filling our minds and souls with the most remarkable memories.
 I read once that you never are going to have friends like those you found in your childhood.  I don´t know if it is true, but in my case, this next august is going to be our birthday, twenty six years since this unique friendship was born, and we keep collecting them ...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Continuing with the immigration writings, here is the new post for February...


Making the decision seems easy… but it is not… leaving home, leaving our comfort zone, it requires a lot… One day I woke up with this crazy idea and in a blink it became true. Now when I look back to the beginning I try to remember the moment when everything started and I can´t picture it, all I got is the support, the faces, the words from those who I´ve always loved…
All those who also I left behind, and now when everything had changed I am terrified of forgetting, and I realize as well how big the two words “good bye” are…
I keep telling myself to keep my heart strong, not matter what happen you know who you are and who loves you… However, the fears is there, sometimes stronger than others.
One day I´ll be back just to say hi and I really hope that, the doors open with the first knock. I dream with that, with hugs and kisses and smiles… Nevertheless, the reality is that I did said good bye and I continue wondering if that was necessary in order to be born again. In this moment I don´t know the right answer, but I do know it´s impossible to walk further without taking a pick to the back and breath with relieve, when you see the bright light still on, reminding us that in somewhere is yet a place that once we called home.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Always trying something new, this is my first love short story... 

By: Johanna Montilla B.

     She knew she was in trouble when she saw his face… his gorgeous, wide; green eyes were looking directly to her, so deep, so dark, so intense. His eyes, those eyes were a breathtaking, lonely plea and in that moment she felt how his sight could go all the way through her soul…         She was prepared to hate him, for the eternity and even longer, but those openhearted eyes brought down every wall that for years she had been building … She didn´t need a touch, she didn´t need a word, that moment and he had changed all what she had learned… 
     She always knew his last name. His family name was the reason why her family didn´t have a decent home for a long time. 
     She was 14 years old, when a couple of well dressed and obnoxious lawyers took her home away from her family; the name Archer &Associates Law´s firm, stock in her head since then. She is 21 now; a legal adult and a social worker student. She wants to help people like her…
     Three months ago Chloe Harper knew him in a random bar, when she was escaping from paperwork and studies. E.J, was his name, a poet and a musician, with the most amazing bewitching green eyes. E.J. was a university student too, whit a mayor in Literature and lot of adventures to share.  
     After that night, she began to frequent that bar… For her it was like magic and for him, just fate. When they were not working or studying, they were together. Their relationship grew up with an imaginable speed, not just the physical attraction but the spiritual and emotional connection. Chloe had found her soul mate in E.J. eyes.
“It can´t be… It can´t be”… Chloe said repeatedly… “why you?” 
She was crying desperately. Chloe couldn´t believe what she just found out…
It was a mistake, it has to be, she was thinking…
“You told me that E.J. was for Elliot Jones that it was your name. You lied to me… is that even your name?”
She was shaking while she was speaking. She was so afraid, so brokenhearted.
After a long pause, Elliot finally spoke. In a very low voice he said:
 “I didn´t lie to you, Jones is my middle name, which I always use and Yes, Archer is the last name I never use. It is my family name but it is not me. That doesn´t change anything…it is not me. You know me better, it is not me.”
    E.J. was repeating himself again and again, it seems like he was trying to get trough Chloe´s mind until her heart.
     Chloe was sitting in the bench with her hand holding his head, crying even harder, absolutely inconsolable.
     E.J. bent down on his knees, resting his hands in her legs. She didn’t flinch, she wanted to, but she didn´t, a small gesture just for him. With a pleading voice, E.J. said:
“Please Chloe, Please, look at me.”
But she didn´t, not yet…
“Chloe” E.J. continued saying as if pronouncing her name could be some magical solution.
“Chloe, you can hate me all you want, blame me, rip my heart apart, have you revenge, do whatever you want, do whatever you need, but look at me and please Chloe stay with me”…
Now E.J was crying too, the tears started fall in slowly motion but with all intensity of at honest declaration of love.
     How could the world be so cruel? Chloe thought. Moreover, how could she been so cruel with him. The person, the boy, the man in front of her, had given his heart and she could destroy him, making suffer in the same way her family suffered years ago. The simple thought makes her shivering in agony.
     The park was desolated, and the night was beginning to fall. They had been there for hours but it looked like days, months, maybe an eternity. Finally Chloe lifted her head at look at him. In that instant she could see the way he felt, completely guilty, carrying a responsibility that didn´t really belong to him.
     They were there, facing a reality, and Chloe knew that E.J understood her reaction. Yes, he always has known how she feels, how she thinks. And just like that as a lightning that struck in her brain, Chloe recalled all happiness moments in the past months, all of them have been with him. In fact, she hadn´t been so happy for a long, long time. It wasn´t easier, but it wasn´t difficult either, not at all. She just knew that he was everything.  
     Then, she placed her hand carefully in his chick caressing his face. E.J. closed his eyes for an instant and he sighed with relief mingled with fear and hope.
  He squeezed her hand firmly, standing up and helping her as well.  They looked each other for a second and then they lost in an infinite hug.
Yes, Chloe needed no words to know that E.J. was her path to a future without guilty or hate.
Destiny was watching the scene very close. Long time ago it committed an injustice. Therefore It had sent E.J to Chloe in an attempt to earn forgiveness, to change the balance. The stars were bright that night, more than ever and we know that it was because Destiny was smiling. It seems that  it finally found its redemption.

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Friday, January 16, 2015


Una vez alguien me sugirió escribir mi experiencia sobre la inmigración desde mi "muy personal estilo". Existen muchos blog sobre inmigrantes, con consejos, sugerencias y comentarios, me dijo; pero en "tu estilo" sería algo diferente.
Aún no sé muy bien a que hizo referencia con eso de "mi estilo", por lo tanto me voy por el lado positivo y lo tomé como un cumplido, además de seguir su consejo.
En tal sentido he decidido publicar una vez al mes, algunas veces en inglés otras en español, un escrito sobre algunas experiencias sobre inmigrar, . En este blog ya existen algunos, pero trataré de ser más constante.
Aqui es dejo el correspondiente al mes de enero.


     Recientemente recibí una gran noticia… Mi gran y querido amigo finalmente obtuvo su nacionalidad española, y por supuesto celebré y aplaudí tan merecido y anhelado logro… Sin embargo horas después, esa misma noticia trajo a mi mente un sin fin de pensamientos entrelazados con alegría, nostalgia, y realidad.
    Y es que cuando decidimos iniciar esta aparatosa, fantástica y temerosa aventura de la inmigración, realmente vivimos el día a día con sueños, con metas que se vislumbran tan lejanas, luego con el tiempo, aprendemos a dar pasos seguros, a sentirnos cómodos en las nuevas calles, edificios, saludando a nuevos vecinos, aprendiendo nuevos oficios.
  Sin embargo nuestros corazones tímidamente siguen pintados de un color natal, manteniendo tradiciones y expresiones propias de aquel lugar que nos vio nacer y crecer. Entonces nos convertimos en una mixtura bastante única, entro lo conocido y por conocer, entre el  pasado y el futuro, entre la añoranza y la esperanza. Y aún así aprendemos a soltar los lazos para renacer con otros colores patrios.
     Un día no muy lejano será mi turno, llegará entonces ese instante de abrazar el blanco y rojo y sentirlos míos, será como volver a nacer en una nueva piel, llena de nieve y sirope de maple. Y aunque sueño con vivir ese momento, debo confesar mi anhelo por sentir nuevamente esa emoción que emerge cuando se empieza a pasar el puente, cuando se escucha una gaita en época decembrina, o cuando te encuentras parado en frente de nuestra querida virgencita “La Chinita”.
     Hoy, he aceptado quien soy, he luchado con alma y corazón por ello, y así con la misma pasión con la que vivo en este nuevo suelo, siento el profundo orgullo de mis sólidas raíces, las cuales me han mantenido perseverante, constante… humanamente inquebrantable…

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Friday, January 2, 2015


Starting 2015 with a review of one of my favorite books...

Author: Katie Macgarry
Year of Publishing: 2013
Genre: Romance, Young Adult Contemporary.

 I´ve read almost all of books written by Katie Macgarry and this is my favorite by far. Dare you to, is a lovely dramatic story about a young rebel girl named Beth, who long time ago erased every hope of her heart, with a drugs addict and alcoholic mother and a terrible past, she lives day by day with not .
One day her life changed radically. Always trying to protect her mother, she is forced to live with her uncle in a new city, with a new school, away from all things she has ever known.
With bitterness, she assumed her new faith, without knowing that she was going to meet her guardian angel, Ryan a Jock, the perfect golden boy, sweet and lovely, he had also his own demons. They start a game that turn in something too real for both of them. 
In this book, the author handles delicate issues like, drugs, domestic abuse and family and social pressure, plus, love, courage and friendship. Using a very descriptive writing helping you to submerge in the story, with a good idea of people and places, moreover the author writes through the two main characters POV, which is excellent, because the reader can have a better understanding of the story. 
During the reading I could feel how the author put her heart in every word, Katie was simply amazing. I think she created two perfect characters that complement each other. Nevertheless what I really like about this book is love, yes I know is king of corny and idealist, however I felt in love with the way Ryan Loves Beth, always so constant and loyal despite Beth´s fears and insecurities. 
This book is a journey to find the confidence, courage and strength to trust in others but mostly in ourselves. It is a lesson that teaches us the enormous ability of loving that a human being is capable of.
Is there something that I didn´t like it? Nop! Sorry, but I was fangirling throughout the book, living every moment with Beth and Ryan as my own.
If you like romance, fresh and funny reading with a complex drama this book is for you. 

Best Phrases: 
“God, I wish I was free. I wish I was a bird floating in the breeze. I close my eyes and pretend I´m a bird”.
“There are times when you stand on the cusp of moments so huge you know you´ll remember them forever. This is that moment for me and for Ryan. I´m not seducing him. He´s not seducing me. Instead we´re choosing to be together.”

One last comment:
On twitter, I told Katie: “Beth´s story broke my heart and Ryan fixed” and the best part… She wrote me  back!!! See the conversation:

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