Wednesday, October 29, 2014


 Author: Katie Mcgarry 
Year: 2013
Genre: Realistic fiction, Young adult, Romance.

“No one knows what happened the night Echo Emerson went from popular girl with jock boyfriend to gossiped-about outsider with "freaky" scars on her arms. Even Echo can't remember the whole truth of that horrible night. All she knows is that she wants everything to go back to normal. 
But when Noah Hutchins, the smoking-hot, girl-using loner in the black leather jacket, explodes into her life with his tough attitude and surprising understanding, Echo's world shifts in ways she could never have imagined. They should have nothing in common. And with the secrets they both keep, being together is pretty much impossible. 
Yet the crazy attraction between them refuses to go away. And Echo has to ask herself just how far they can push the limits and what she'll risk for the one guy who might teach her how to love again.”

This story is the first of the series, however, it can be read as standalone, although you are going to want to know every detail from the rest of the books, in my case I felt so in love with the writing that I decided to read all the series.
Anyway, back to the book, I can tell that is an amazing writing, I really enjoy the way the characters are described, the way their thoughts are exposed, it made me felt like I was experimented every situation as my own. 
Echo and Noah, have so much mess in their life, everything is wrong and chaotic and definitely so unfair, how the world could turn the back at this two beautiful, vulnerable and lonely souls? My heart war ripped apart since the first chapter.
But in some way they found the strength to pull their shattered life together, that is what of the many things I enjoy of reading Katie´s books: she really believes in happy endings and in mending.  
However I think “the end” was too abruptly, the forgiveness was too soon, a least in Echo case, because for a person who suffered in the way Echo did, the healing process probably takes longer than the way it was pictured in the book … Despite that, I think the author´s idea was to show us that there is “always” a possibility for a fresh start. In Noah case, his life fixed perfectly, we could see and enjoy the real happiness that was taken away from him, and that melted me, the last chapter was the most marvelous, perfect ending scene that I´ ve ever read in a book. 

Best Phrases:
“I watched you battle the worst memory of your life and I watched you win. Make no mistake Echo. I battled right beside you. You need to find some trust in me... In us. “

“The world felt strange. For the first time in my life, I wasn´t fighting someone or something … Contentment and happiness were unfamiliar emotions but ones I could learn to live with”. 

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Friday, October 17, 2014


Jo took the remote control and turned off the T.V. in her way to answer the door.  She was living in a small house with her brand new husband who used to work at night, hence, she spent nights watching her favorite T.V series or talking by phone, which was fine.  She really enjoyed the peaceful silent at home.
Hi! She said with a smile. You are early.
He answered hugging and kissing her, as it was usual between them.
It has been a while since the last time Jo had talked with Charles,
her best friend, a “real talk” however, that afternoon he called and he wanted to see her… Charles has been in Jo life as long as she remembered, that was why she wasn´t supposed to be surprise, except she was.
The road sucks, the traffic sucks, my God! You live far away… he was complaining while they walked through the hall until her bedroom. Distance is relative, she said with a laugh… 
Jo seated in the far corner of the bed and Charles lay down in the other side… Do you want something to drink? She asked whereas she was searching in his eyes, but he wasn´t looking at her…Maybe later, he answered.
So, you wanted to talk, well… Talk…. 
He smirked, running his hand through his hair a regular gesture. I don´t know what is worst, when you are impertinent or when you are so direct, he said. She just rolled her eyes, waiting.  
After a pause he continue; Yes, I want to talk, I´ve been thinking a lot what to say and how to say it, and this it is not the way I planned, but whatever here we are.
Jo was quieted, she knew he had a secret, and very deep she knew what kind of secret it was, and finally it was time to face it.
Charles continued talking without stopping and with random words, although each one with a meaning…he tried to look at her, nevertheless he preferred smoothing wrinkles from the sheets, a type of mania as she remembered.  She also remembered the tonnes of nights when as teenagers she slept over in his house, and the deep silly conversations with the light off; those memories filled her heart with such nostalgia.
She was remaining silent, hugging her knees, listening very carefully every word that Charles had to say. 
Probably could be easier if he just blurred out, but never happened. He never used the word Gay or Homosexual. Nonetheless, among words Charles confessed that one day he noticed his felling for a guy, after that he continued talking nervously, as if he was afraid of what he just told.
When Charles finished his monologue, Jo said: I know, I know for a while, she smiled gingerly, and definitely I knew that was what you wanted to tell me.
They continued talking about everything had happened during the three years before.
I was hidden, he said.
In that moment, she realized that she has been upset with him for long time; he knew she always was there for him no matter what. He could felt the necessity to hide from the entire world but why from her.
I wanted to tell you and definitely it wasn´t supposed to be in this way, Charles insisted.
Why? She took the opportunity to ask.
Because you have so much prejudice, he said. It was not a complaint but rather an acknowledgment of her character. And finally he looked at her eyes for the first time that night.   
She mocked a surprise gesture, rolled her eyes and smiled. Maybe she was upset with him but not anymore, watching her friend free and relieved made her so happy plus she never could stand mad at him for more than five minutes.
 No, I don’t! She said, except she does. Jo wasn´t a party girl, She was more a “Goody two shoes” girl, and yes maybe she has some prejudice, saving for him, never for him, moreover she expected he would understood that, after the conversation.
Charles grinned… I´m hungry, he said.
She got up from the bed and hugged him, and it was like when you hold in your hands something that was lost and just recovered
Well, Let´s go to eat…Jo answered.
As simple like that, they just left behind all the guilt, doubts, and frustrations, closing the door and walking through the night. 

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Hace muchos años escribí un poema con este título, tiempo después lo convertí en una prosa para un concurso de poesía, y aunque no gané siempre ha sido uno de mis trabajos favoritos...Hoy he decidido compartirlo publicamente y dedicarlo secretamente a mis queirdos friendcitos.... 


Después de tanto pensar y divagar, como tan trillado pueda sonar, he decidido decirte a través de estas líneas lo que espero ya sepas, pero como de costumbre el ir y venir de la vida, me impidió contártelo y al final como siempre ocurre, llegó el día de la partida. 
Por qué nos decidimos cuando no podemos mirarnos a los ojos? eso no lo sé, por qué no hablar?, simplemente, creo que a veces las palabras se esconden detrás de una pluma, y sin embargo de lo que estoy segura es que hoy, estando a medio mundo de distancia, me siento agobiada con este sentimiento danzante el cual me ha acompañado desde creo yo, hace más de una vida…
Pues esta es la verdad, y lo cierto es, que te llevo en mi corazón con cada paso que doy; a ti, amigo de mi niñez, de mi adolescencia, de mi madurez; a ti mejor amigo, mi compañero, mi abrigo. Eres tú mi fiel amigo de fin de semana, eres, quien ahora me inspiras.
Siempre has sido mi fiel acompañante, aún y cuando tu presencia es a la vez una ausencia, mi pequeño guardián de ilusiones, contigo aprendí del error, aprendí algunas veces sobre el perdón, y quizás, no perdiste la batalla en aquello de enseñarme a tolerar, muchas veces contigo encontré la paz, otras tantas iniciamos una guerra, pero al final se mantiene latente este sentimiento inexplicable, itinerante, indomable,  aunque constante como las brasas de una hoguera que mueren y viven luchando por mantenerse.
 Y así a kilómetros de distancia, recuerdo a unos tontos niños acostumbrados a jugar, quienes en algún momento en adultos se convirtieron y sin más remedio sus destinos se disolvieron convirtiéndose en hilos sueltos, cada uno iniciando un nuevo bordado y quizás suspirando por una aventura más, juntos… Y sin embargo te sigo llevando en mi corazón, visualizando aquel querido rostro cada mañana; recordando aquel amigo de fin de semana.
Te llevo en mi corazón con cada paso que doy, en las noches cálidas, en las noches frías, con cada ola que golpea al atardecer, en cada noche de luna llena; es que cada día te llevo en mi corazón, como a todos los veranos por los que logré pasar; como a todos los ríos que logré cruzar; como a todas las montañas que al cielo nos llevó, y juntos logramos escalar.
 Cuanto tiempo ha pasado desde que nos conocimos…Entonces, me nace la inquietud ¿Todavía te conozco?, pues somos más altos que antes, con nuevos vicios y más líneas en la cara, con más de todo, pero definitivamente menos de lo que fuimos…por eso me aterrará pensar en que si algún día alguien preguntara por ti, yo quizás no sabría como contestar…
Empero a pesar de mis dudas, a pesar de ese angustiante miedo, no puedo evitar pensar en ti y simplemente sonreír, pues tal vez hoy, soy lo que soy porque estuviste a mi lado, hoy veo el mundo de una forma que sólo tú la entenderías, eso es lo que me gusta pensar y creer, siempre creer en mi amigo del fin de semana.  
Gracias por cada fin de semana, algunos nuevos, otros algo monótonos, otros llenos de patéticos lamentos al ritmo de una canción, y siempre constante como cada fin de semana…Pero sobre todo gracias mil por cada risa sin razón… Hoy con absoluta honestidad digo… ha sido un honor tenerte como mi amigo...más allá del fin de semana.
Hoy me despido de ti, hoy te digo hasta luego, no utilizo un adiós, porque esa palabra tan lejana entre nosotros no tiene lugar, pues sé que te volveré a encontrar, quizás en aquello llamado paraíso; o en la otra vida que todos deseamos alcanzar. No olvides nuestra promesa de amistad; amigos por siempre y para un siempre, amigos en momentos tristes, en momentos alegres, amigos aún más allá de toda la eternidad.
Es por eso, que sobre tu lápida he dejado, seis hermosas rojas, que al igual que este querer aún no se han marchitado;  seis rosas rojas, que en mi jardín ya no están, y al despertar cada mañana, su falta me hará pensar, en mi amigo…aquel del fin de semana.
Con todo mi amor…. Y mucho más…
Eternamente tuya…

Nota: En la fotografía, los friendcitos hace sólo un par de años.