Friday, October 30, 2015


"This girl is mine"

By: Anna Katmore
Genre: Y/A Contemporary Romance
Year: 2013

Ryan Hunter kissed more girls than he cares to remember. But the only one he ever wanted is in love with his best friend.”

      I met Ryan Hunter in “Play with me”, the first book of the Grover Beach series, and I just fell in love with him, the bad dangerous boy with sweet eyes and huge heart melted me.  That´s why, I was enthusiastic to read Ryan Hunter point of view, but honestly after the simplicity with which the first book was written I wasn´t expect much from this one.
     Thanks God I was totally wrong; Anna Katmore when beyond my expectation. This story hooked me immediately since the first page; so much that I read it in one night.
      The author did an excellent job portraying a teenage boy, it was hilarious being in Ryan heads, it was like eavesdropping guys conversations when girls aren´t around. Boys have feelings, insecurities, dreams like any girl, and I loved the way Anna Katmore showed us that.
     The written is marvelous, with good descriptions of scenarios, gestures and emotions. Although in some moment I would love if the writer showed us more. I mean, the dialogues were great in fact I haven´t laugh that much with a book in months, however dialogues were missing in some specific point of the story where they were necessary.
     The characters were well developed, the main, seconds and even those that appeared just a couple time. As matter of fact the author introduced each character subtle but flawlessly, so that the reader will remember the reason why they are in the story.
     Also it was wonderful how Ryan´s relationships were illustrated: for example, who might think that the bad guy could be close and honest with his family. I think Ryan strong personality is due to the bonds with his parents.
     In addition, there is his relationship with his friends. I loved his loyalty, the mutual support and the reciprocity of his affection. Ryan´s friend respect and love him for who he is, not for what he has.
     But the best relationship expressed was his devotion to a girl. That broke my heart more than once, shrinking and expanding it multiple times.
     Definitely in this book, is noticed how the writer was careful with the main elements of a young adult story and was showed them cleverly throughout the narrative.
     Nevertheless and even when the end was almost perfect, I would like a last thought of Ryan on the final scene, something I particularly was waiting throughout the entire story and it was not there, that, I could not understand.
     However, this book is one hundred percent recommended. I´m sure, you will spend a pleasant time reading it, like did.
      Rate: 4,5 Stars.

“Before I laid her down, I hugged her a little tighter with the intention of whatever happened, always remembering this wonderful moment where I held the girl I had loved for years for the very first time.”

 “Yeah, sometimes you just had to accept the crap life threw at you and put cheating grin on your face”

 “If there really could be butterflies in one´s stomach, there was definitively one playing havoc in mine now”

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Thursday, October 8, 2015


By: Colleen Hoover
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Year: 2014 

The first thing a I liked what this part of the synopsis: “A passionate tale of friendship, betrayal, and romance, Maybe Someday will immerse readers in Sydney’s tumultuous world from the very first page”. 
Which meant my perfect kind of before bed reading. In fact it was exactly like that, a breathtaking love story; what I didn´t expect was the amount of twists, one after other, a plot  brilliantly developed,  relationships carefully built, effective dialogues to make us die of laughs or for sorrow according with each scene. In addition there is a marvellous  technique mingling  music with written words, an excellent way to stop the readers’ heart. 
The story is told since the two main characters POV, lately one of my favourite written styles, allow us to perceive the created world from different eyes. 
This is my first book by the author, I decided to read her work thanks to the reviews of a couple of bloggers who their opinions I respect, and I chose Maybe Someday  randomly but now I must  say it was faith because for sure this is not going to be the last one. 
Colleen Hoover got me from the beginning until the last page, I am impressed by the sweetness, passion, all the deep emotions she poured into the book.
Although this book deserve 5 stars, I gave it 4,8 stars  and it’s just because as a hopeless romantic that I am,  there was a choice, a scene that felt real but I’d like something a little more novelettish and that is all I can say without drop some spoilers.
Best Phrases:
“It wasn’t basic need. Like need for water when I’m thirsty or a need for food when I’m hungry. It was an insatiable need for relief. Relief from want and desire that had been pent up for so long. I never realize how powerful desire can be.”
“I’m convinced that people come across others in life hose souls are complete; y compatible with their own. Some refer to them as a soul mates. Some refer to it as true love.”
“Breathe in Breathe out.
Expand, contract.
Beat beat, pause. Beat beat pause”
“Maybe I’m not the hero to her I’ve always tried so hard to be because right now, I feel as if she doesn’t even need a hero. Why would she? She has someone so much stronger than I’ll ever be for her. She has herself.”