Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Continuing with the immigration writings, here is the new post for February...


Making the decision seems easy… but it is not… leaving home, leaving our comfort zone, it requires a lot… One day I woke up with this crazy idea and in a blink it became true. Now when I look back to the beginning I try to remember the moment when everything started and I can´t picture it, all I got is the support, the faces, the words from those who I´ve always loved…
All those who also I left behind, and now when everything had changed I am terrified of forgetting, and I realize as well how big the two words “good bye” are…
I keep telling myself to keep my heart strong, not matter what happen you know who you are and who loves you… However, the fears is there, sometimes stronger than others.
One day I´ll be back just to say hi and I really hope that, the doors open with the first knock. I dream with that, with hugs and kisses and smiles… Nevertheless, the reality is that I did said good bye and I continue wondering if that was necessary in order to be born again. In this moment I don´t know the right answer, but I do know it´s impossible to walk further without taking a pick to the back and breath with relieve, when you see the bright light still on, reminding us that in somewhere is yet a place that once we called home.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Always trying something new, this is my first love short story... 

By: Johanna Montilla B.

     She knew she was in trouble when she saw his face… his gorgeous, wide; green eyes were looking directly to her, so deep, so dark, so intense. His eyes, those eyes were a breathtaking, lonely plea and in that moment she felt how his sight could go all the way through her soul…         She was prepared to hate him, for the eternity and even longer, but those openhearted eyes brought down every wall that for years she had been building … She didn´t need a touch, she didn´t need a word, that moment and he had changed all what she had learned… 
     She always knew his last name. His family name was the reason why her family didn´t have a decent home for a long time. 
     She was 14 years old, when a couple of well dressed and obnoxious lawyers took her home away from her family; the name Archer &Associates Law´s firm, stock in her head since then. She is 21 now; a legal adult and a social worker student. She wants to help people like her…
     Three months ago Chloe Harper knew him in a random bar, when she was escaping from paperwork and studies. E.J, was his name, a poet and a musician, with the most amazing bewitching green eyes. E.J. was a university student too, whit a mayor in Literature and lot of adventures to share.  
     After that night, she began to frequent that bar… For her it was like magic and for him, just fate. When they were not working or studying, they were together. Their relationship grew up with an imaginable speed, not just the physical attraction but the spiritual and emotional connection. Chloe had found her soul mate in E.J. eyes.
“It can´t be… It can´t be”… Chloe said repeatedly… “why you?” 
She was crying desperately. Chloe couldn´t believe what she just found out…
It was a mistake, it has to be, she was thinking…
“You told me that E.J. was for Elliot Jones that it was your name. You lied to me… is that even your name?”
She was shaking while she was speaking. She was so afraid, so brokenhearted.
After a long pause, Elliot finally spoke. In a very low voice he said:
 “I didn´t lie to you, Jones is my middle name, which I always use and Yes, Archer is the last name I never use. It is my family name but it is not me. That doesn´t change anything…it is not me. You know me better, it is not me.”
    E.J. was repeating himself again and again, it seems like he was trying to get trough Chloe´s mind until her heart.
     Chloe was sitting in the bench with her hand holding his head, crying even harder, absolutely inconsolable.
     E.J. bent down on his knees, resting his hands in her legs. She didn’t flinch, she wanted to, but she didn´t, a small gesture just for him. With a pleading voice, E.J. said:
“Please Chloe, Please, look at me.”
But she didn´t, not yet…
“Chloe” E.J. continued saying as if pronouncing her name could be some magical solution.
“Chloe, you can hate me all you want, blame me, rip my heart apart, have you revenge, do whatever you want, do whatever you need, but look at me and please Chloe stay with me”…
Now E.J was crying too, the tears started fall in slowly motion but with all intensity of at honest declaration of love.
     How could the world be so cruel? Chloe thought. Moreover, how could she been so cruel with him. The person, the boy, the man in front of her, had given his heart and she could destroy him, making suffer in the same way her family suffered years ago. The simple thought makes her shivering in agony.
     The park was desolated, and the night was beginning to fall. They had been there for hours but it looked like days, months, maybe an eternity. Finally Chloe lifted her head at look at him. In that instant she could see the way he felt, completely guilty, carrying a responsibility that didn´t really belong to him.
     They were there, facing a reality, and Chloe knew that E.J understood her reaction. Yes, he always has known how she feels, how she thinks. And just like that as a lightning that struck in her brain, Chloe recalled all happiness moments in the past months, all of them have been with him. In fact, she hadn´t been so happy for a long, long time. It wasn´t easier, but it wasn´t difficult either, not at all. She just knew that he was everything.  
     Then, she placed her hand carefully in his chick caressing his face. E.J. closed his eyes for an instant and he sighed with relief mingled with fear and hope.
  He squeezed her hand firmly, standing up and helping her as well.  They looked each other for a second and then they lost in an infinite hug.
Yes, Chloe needed no words to know that E.J. was her path to a future without guilty or hate.
Destiny was watching the scene very close. Long time ago it committed an injustice. Therefore It had sent E.J to Chloe in an attempt to earn forgiveness, to change the balance. The stars were bright that night, more than ever and we know that it was because Destiny was smiling. It seems that  it finally found its redemption.

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