Sunday, August 9, 2015


I read this books the same day it came out, then I wrote a review on Goodreads but I kept this one in a drawer for months, until now that I decided to publish it.
Anyway ... Here there are my five stars for Empire of Night.

BY: Kelly Armstrong
Genre: Y/A High Fantasy
Year: 2015

Moria and Ashyn are back. After a year of waiting, Kelley Amstrong brought us Empire of Night the second book of the series Age of Legend.
Moria and Ashyn are twins, blessed by the Gods, they are the keeper and the seeker of the Edgewood a village that doesn´t exist anymore. After the events of Sea of Shadows, in this second book, the sisters are immersed in a new adventure, separated by force and involved in unusual relationships; both have to make their way until to find themselves again and moreover the true.
Empire of night is an excellent written book, with brilliant dialogue, unique plot with captivating characters.
            I really enjoyed the first book, but I loved this one, since the first page I was completely hooked, the author knew how to blend perfectly the subtle romance with danger, magic and treachery. It's a full story. I felt like I was in a rollercoaster of emotions, jumping from anxiety, frustration, tenderness and excitement.
            It is going to be a long, torturous waiting until we can read the conclusion of this trilogy, special after the most shocking, hanger cliff ending I ever read in a very long time.  

Best Phrases:

“She remembered the boy who´d fought by her side the boy who´d confided in her, the boy who´d lain by the fire with her and no matter what he seemed to have done since, she could not truly believe it.”