Monday, February 10, 2014


We walk through the world surrounded by relatives and friends, people whom we can rely on, however, there is a person a truly magic person, that is a complement of yourself, it is somebody who can understand your thoughts with nothing more than a look in your face, it is someone who can give you comfort and peace with just a simple word or better a hug. 
It is our soul mate, who is not necessarily that person next to you as a romantically partner, but someone who can be your brother, your friend, a confident, an accomplice, someone who know you better than yourself. 
Every human being in this earth has a soul mate, I believe in that. Although I also believe that a soul mate can be lost and hidden for very long time and if you don´t see carefully, you would never find it. I was lucky, I found mine, and my soul mate is kind, loyal and funny, she is the most wonderful person I´ve ever met.
My soul mate has an amazing power to recognize my mood changes and more impressive is her ability to deal with them, she enjoys my happiness and laughs about our own particularly jokes, also she cries with me in my sadness, and she can feel my sorrow as her own, she has been always there for me, right next to the phone even though when she lives across the world.
I don´t know if someday I am going to see my soul mate again, but I do know that no matter where we are, we belong each other, we care and help each other, and despite the distance we are sharing our life, day after day, every single day.

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