Monday, November 25, 2013



The Human Rights are fundamental rights inherent or belong to each person just because she or he is a human being. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and expression, justice, peace and equality before the law.

The article 1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is established “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. In the world, we have different International Organizations which promote the education and defense of Human Rights; for example:  Human Rights Education Associates, The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Amnesty International, Carter Center, Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian law. Every Human Has Rights, and others.

However, the strong claims made by this doctrine about human rights continue to create considerable skepticism and debates about the content, nature and justifications of human rights in this day. In fact, the question of what is meant by a right is itself, kind of controversial and the subject of continued discussion. 

Look at the history of mankind; from the past until today many wars have occurred because of intolerance in beliefs among humans. The humans rights are not an obstacle, they represent one of the essential elements of society. That is why the appropriate education should be based on the promotion of genuine dialogue, active tolerance, appreciation of diversity and respect for the dignity of life. All of these are pillars of society such doctrine taught by ULA Gandhi-King-Ikeda. We must also remember that peace is not the absence of conflict, but in the stage of life in which the human rights of all are respected.

I believe that people can live in harmony just with a little effort.  I am not talking of a lovely utopia of peace, I am talking of a possible reality with the collaboration of all humans, and for that it is time to start educating and learning.
APRIL 2013

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I never made a stop to think in me as a writer.  Well, not really: I just always knew how much I enjoy writing.  From the time when I was in high school when my best friend asked me to write a poem for his girlfriend or when my teacher chose me to write speeches about Independence´s day, mother´s day or another special celebration, and after that I usually had to read them in front of the entire school.  Since then, like a soft shadow, writing started to become a very important part of my life.  I still remember that I was popular not because I was pretty or a cheerleader, but I was the best helper for literature homework, and my payment, chocolates, candy bars or chips.  Kind of cheap don´t you agree?

Anyway, In that stage I began writing just for fun, in fact I didn´t even know that I could write, I just closed my eyes, took a pen and paper and I left my hand move for itself, it was that easy. But then everything was altered, others feelings started adding to my reasons for writing: sadness, angry, frustration, love, and one in particular was the breaking point, it was my increasing needs to communicate my ideas, my sentiments and my thoughts properly.  In a simple explanation, we grew up, my writing and me.    

In Law School, I continued writing poems and poetic prose.  However I started to dabble in academic world, with essays, agreements, paperwork, seminars, research work, even with one of my master piece: my thesis degree. That was how in certain point I had changed my writing style from pink poetry to academic and formal writing. 

As a professional lawyer and university professor, writing was part of my career, part of my life there was not one day in which I did not write.  I have written a plenty of articles for law magazines and books.  I have prepared different research papers for conferences and speeches, I have lectured hundreds of business law students, and I have tutored students in their undergraduate work, as well, all of that between lawsuits and contracts.

And then, something happened, my head exploded…I realized that I was spending my life submerged in my job, and writing was another tool to make money.  I needed to breathe again and suddenly, out the blue I recall one of my favorite poems “Birches” by Robert Frost, and I understood that the problem wasn´t my work, because I never have forgotten my love for any style or kind of writing, but I did forget the fun part of it.  As a result, I took the piece of advice that Frost gave to me. After that, as soon as I feel desperation I try to be a “swinger of birches” and I make an effort to keep in mind that “Earth's the right place for love”.

Today, when I remember about that time as a Litigant Attorney and University Professor, I like to think that I helped a few people, that maybe I was a good teacher and I collaborated with others to express and find themselves. Sometimes when I receive email messages or tweets from my ex-students asking for my opinion, I like to think that I am right.  

One day, I changed my address, from the south to the north, from my native country in South America, to Canada.  I have had to set up over with my little and lovely family, my husband and our daughter, just the tree of us, and in this moment I have to admit, Canada changed me in every possible way.  I am not even a shadow of the person who I was, for good or bad I believe that people used to know me, they are incapable of recognizing me now, but the one thing that remains intact is my passion for writing.

Despite of everything has happened in my existence; nobody ever asked me whether or not, I am a writer?   For some the answer was implicit, but for those who ask me now, the answer is yes, I am a writer. Sometimes I am a creative writer, others I am a poet, a fairytales teller, a professional science writer, furthermore I am a teacher, I am a lawyer, a mom and a wife. 

I´m in love with writing, I´m in love with the idea to write for the person that I have became, therefore I can know her again.  Writing is my path to fix the gap between before and now. Writing and my soul are one, Writing belong to my heart, to my mind, and I belong to it, at the end, it is my way to express myself and to grow up, to fight against fear and vanquish it, to escape for the world and come back, to believe and live.  

APRIL 2013.


En Marzo del año 2012, se celebró en la Universidad Rafael Urdaneta en la ciudad de Maracaibo, Venezuela el I Congreso Nacional de Derecho Patriomanial y Económico, a continuación les presento un resumen de mi participación en el mismo. 


Las sociedades mercantiles, en especial las sociedades de capital, y dentro de estas las sociedades anónimas, poseen personalidad jurídica y patrimonio propio, diferente a la de sus socios, e inclusive a la de otras sociedades con las cuales puedan llegar a conformar un grupo o unidad económica, y así ha sido confirmado por ley.  Empero, a pesar del principio de autonomía de la voluntad de las partes, el cual le permite a los particulares, establecer sus propias condiciones de contratación con una eficacia para los involucrados equiparada, según el legislador a la propia ley, existe un propenso y preocupante abuso de la forma jurídica, con el propósito de eludir o atenuar el efecto normal de la ley en detrimento de derechos de terceros.
Resulta entonces, que cuando se abusa de las formas jurídicas, se está materializando un fraude a la ley, por cuanto en efecto, no se está violando su contenido en sí,  es decir, se están cumpliendo con los parámetros impuestos para la celebración de un acto válido, sin embargo, con dicha actuación de apariencia legal se pretende acobijar un acto, el cual por sí solo estaría fuera de todo contexto jurídico.
Aparece entonces dentro el Derecho, la figura del levantamiento del velo corporativo, como una solución para los problemas generados, cuando la técnica de la personería jurídica se emplea contrariando los fines y propósitos a aquellos los cuales condujeron al legislador para su creación. Siendo preocupante la amplitud de su interpretación por cuanto es una institución elaborada desde un punto de vista doctrinal y jurisprudencial.
Sin embargo, no se puede obviar, que una indebida interpretación o aplicación de la teoría del levantamiento del velo corporativo, podría restringir el ejercicio de la libertad de la empresa, el derecho a la asociación, e inclusive el derecho a la defensa, establecidos en la Constitución Nacional de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela.
En consecuencia, el reconocimiento de la personalidad jurídica de las sociedades anónimas, implica que las obligaciones contraídas por la sociedad, no afecta el patrimonio de sus integrantes y viceversa;  no obstante, se presenta la inquietud de determinar si por alguna circunstancia en particular, pudiera un acreedor social, ejecutar su acreencia contra bienes integrantes del patrimonio de los socios individuales.
En tal sentido, se hace indispensable el estudio de cada caso en concreto, a fin de determinar si existen los elementos de convicción suficientes para establecer quiénes son los sujetos de derecho legitimados, para soportar los efectos de la aplicación de la doctrina del levantamiento del velo corporativo, pues de lo contrario se estaría violando la más elemental esencia del Derecho.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Dedicated to my dear friends, (My friendcitos) there are not memories of my childhood without you in them.


I had some friends once, who taught me a lot of things, the real important ones.
My friends taught me how to understand songs´ lyrics without looking on the internet.
They taught me how to combine my clothes, the passion for good movies and Bach´s books, and how to enjoy Saturday nights without coins in my pocket.
My friends always told me the truth, no matter how difficult it was, especially when my hair looked so bad.
They taught me, how to tolerate differences, which seemed impossible at that time.
But more importantly my friends taught me how to believe in myself as I think that in some way, they also believe in me.
I was thirteen when I met them, and after that, twenty three, and so on and so on.
At some point my friends left, and then I left as well. Now we are apart in diverse spots on this earth, sometimes we try to keep in touch, however you can imagine how hard it can be.
I miss them more or less it depends of the day, but growing up is part of life, and this is yet another lesson that a learned from my friends.
                                             August, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013


La poesía…
nace del amor,
de la esperanza;
de la alegría y de la tristeza.

La poesía nace de los sueños e ilusiones,
del vivir cada día,
del andar sin destino
de la lucha interna de creer y no creer…

Nace como las canciones,
nace, de un corazón roto y abatido,
de un beso triste y olvidado,
de palabras dichas y alcanzadas por el viento,
de la pluma de un ángel quien quiere volver al cielo.

Como nace un niño,
de la pasión y la lujuria
de la entrega y la locura.

La poesía,
mi poesía; nace de ti,
de lo que me das y me quitas
de lo que me hablas y callas.

Mi poesía nace;
cada vez que admiro nuestro infinito mundo
y en él encuentro, mil razones para vivir y morir.
                                                                     2010. J.H. Montilla.


This was my first poem, written in English, as an assignment to my ESL class. It´s is kind of silly and cheesy, however I felt so proud when I finished it. Definitely it not easy  to try writing in English  in the same way that we are use to write in Spanish.

Believing in love

I was thinking a lot about love,
and I figure out that I have been wasting my time.
Because love is not about thinking but felling;
love is hope and faith,
love means close your eyes and jump.
Perhaps, sometimes or all the time we feel sorry, madness and hate.
But a drop of love is enough to trust again.
I believe in love even in my darkest day, even with my broken heart.
I believe in love because, not matter what to do, not matter what to say
Life is meaningless and empty,  without Love.
                                                                     2012. J.H. Montilla.