Saturday, July 11, 2015


I am a dreamer, a believer in second chances and new beginnings. That is the best way I have to describe how this book impressed me; maybe my opinion is biased by my admiration for the author Katie Mcgarry, but honestly “Chasing Impossible” is a complex, deep, wholehearted story since the first line until the end.
As is characteristic of the writer, this book is narrated from the two main characters point of view, also is a stand-alone book and part as well of the “Pushing the limits” series, in this opportunity we have Abby and Logan story.
Abby is a drug dealer all her friends know that, nobody knows the reason though. Despite of her fearless mask and her -don’t mess with me- attitude, inside she is a vulnerable person with dreams and hope as every 17 years old girl. One day her world collapse and because of that, she decides to tell her secret to the one person she trust the most, Logan, an adrenaline junkie, who is hidden behind his craziness refusing to accept his personal issues. Logan have being lying to everybody since he was seven but determined to save Abby he confess his true, risking to loss his best friends.
It is then, when both realities Abby and Logan collide creating an explosion reaching all people near to them.
Katie Mcgarry it did again. The story has an outstanding written with minors contradiction that easily with could pretend there are no there. Hilarious, deep, trustworthy dialogues, just the right ones for every occasion: and love, a lot of love was pouring from each page, love for family, for friends, for the soul mate. In addition there was an intense description of the scenes, so effective that I could felt inside the book next to the characters.
I have to admit this is not my favorite story written by the author (well I´m deeply in love with “Dare you to” and Ryan), however with “Chasing Impossible”, Katie Macgarry went beyond any expatiation. Through an intricate plot the writer efficiently handled real themes most of them avoiding by society: drugs, family issues, healthy problems among teenagers, breaking laws and so on,
One more thing that I loved, was the peek into the live of all characters from the rest of series, and that was a perfect closure. It was wonderful to have news from people you love and you haven’t seen in so long.
While I´m writing this review, I´m felling warm in my chest, satisfaction as a reader and thankful with the author for wrapping up each story of “Pushing the limits” in a book that made me feel part of the family.
FIVE plus FIVE stars for Chasing Impossible and if I could give it more I would.
Full recommended for everyone who loves unique, funny, romance stories and happy endings.
Best Phrases:
“I may not have a clue what I want to do with the rest of my life…but as I try to figure it out, I´ll know who I already am”
            “She´s holding me, I´m holding her, and when she opens her eyes and I see the love pouring from her, I know that this can´t be the last time I ever lie beside her…We´re once in a lifetime and I´m not going to let this go…not without a fight”
“Faith is believing in what you can´t always see”

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