Friday, September 5, 2014


How many times do we have the opportunity to start over? Fixing mistakes, doing what we never did, or living again the best moments of our life. I´m no exactly sure to have an answer for that question, however in my case 2 years ago when I decided to move to Canada, I initiated it all again. But it was just a couple days ago when I realized what that really means. It means new experiences, it means new choices, doing everything once more and for the first time at the same, and then searching in my memory my walking until today, I closed my eyes to enjoy my favorites first times again:

The first time I felt the snow in my face and how, as a child stuck out my tongue to catch snowflakes.
The first time, when I saw the Ontario Lake and how in that instant I just could breathe the freedom.
The first Christmas, the longing for the family mixed with the wonderful smell of fresh pine.
My first day in a new job completely different to what I was used to, the overwhelming feelings, fear, so much fear, and pride as well, because I did it… I walked outside to the world and I did it by myself.
The first time I realized I was away from home and I cried more than I´ve ever cried in my entire life, I felt alone and desperate… and after I ran out the tears when I could see with clarity,  I felt hope… It was a fresh start.

There are more, much more, ones good others not so much, nevertheless the experience I would never change it. I think this is my second chance and I want to enjoy it without regrets, without guilt, without fear or with all of those feelings plus magic, passion and innocence, because that is what people call “life”. 

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  1. I love this post, especially because I want to move to Canada too and I hope to do it soon! xoxomake