Saturday, June 17, 2017


Do you know how much time five years are?
Let me tell you how much it is.
It’s the amount of time I’ve been without hugging my parents and bickering with them. Let’s be honest, it used to happen all the time.
It’s the amount of time I’ve been without giving orders to my brothers. Because when they are handsome men already, I’m the oldest sister that means, I’m always the boss.
It’s the amount of time I’ve been without having coffee with my friends and sharing work’s gossips.  Just so you know they are the best. My friends and work’s gossips.
It has been five years, since the night when we arrived at this land very far at North, we our life fitted in a couple of suitcases and our hope packaged in our hearts.
Five years ago, I was born again.
Five years ago, I fall in love with a country so noble; it allowed me to keep my feelings for my first love.
Venezuela, I miss you so much and I’ll love you forever.
But five years ago I took a chance. I decided to live the adventure.  
Today I know it was worth the effort, because my new home is beautiful and kind, with snow, hockey and maple syrup.

Canada, I just want you to know I’m happy here.    

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